Suhr Badger 18

Divided By 13 JRT 9/15

Marshall 1974 JMP 50 Watt Head

1967 Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb

Diamond Amps Spitfire II 100 Watt Head

DR. Z Carmen Guia


Peavey Classic 50 Head

Kemper Profiling Amp

MagicShack Recording

Pro Tools 12

Sonar X2

Presonus Studio 1

Roland V-700 Console and I/O

Presonus 1818 VSL

Rack Eleven

Studio Pedal Board 3

Roland FV-50 Volume Pedal

Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal

Hermida Zen Drive

Love Pedal Eternity Burst

Wampler Black 65

Wampler Paisley Pedal

Keely Comp (2knob)

Joyo US Dream

Nunaber Wet Reverb Pedal

Line-6 M9

Loop-Master True Bypass

Studio Pedal Board 2

Dunlop Buddy Guy Wah Pedal

Voodoo Lab Giggity Pedal

Dirty Little Secret Overdrive

Joyo Ultimate Drive

T.C. Electronic Nova Drive

T.C. Electronic G-System

Live Pedal Board

T.C. Electronic Nova System

Studio Pedal Board 1

IK Multimedia Expression Pedal

Boss EV-5 Expression Pedal

Wampler Hot Wired Pedal

Tim Pierce Overdrive

Wampler Dual Fusion Pedal

Suhr Shiba Drive

Suhr Koko Boost

Ghetto Stomp

Mojo Hand FX DMBL Pedal

Eventide H9


1986 '52 Reissue Fender Tele

Suhr S4 Strat w/Bridge Humbucker

Suhr T-Model Tele w/Broadcaster PUs

Suhr Strat w/Landau Silent Single Coil System

Road Worn Tele w/Seymour Duncan Jerry Donahue PUs

Road Worn Strat w/ Suhr Landau PUs

Brain Moore Strat Style Guitar w/Seymour Duncan Humbucker PUs

2005 Fender Eric Johnson Strat

Road Worn Strat with EJ PUs

Road Worn Strat w/Seymour Duncan PUs

Gibson 1967 Melody Maker

Gibson 2007 Smart Wood Les Paul

Gibson 2011 ES-339

Kelton Suade Tele

Larravie D-03 Acoustic Guitar

Taylor 914-ce Acoustic Guitar (both acoustics with K & K Trinity System pickups)

Takemine Classical Guitar

Peavey EVH Guitar

Danelectro Baritone Guitar

DeArmound Electric Guitar

NS Violin


Here's a run down of what I use in the MagicShack Studio, and in other studio environments  as well.

MagicShack Productions