Sonya Wood (BMI Songwriter with cuts by Larry Sparks, Lou Reid and Carolina and Jetts Creek)

~~"Thanks Jason, I've had 2 songs place in both the John Lennon Songwriting Contest (Bitterweeds) and Billboard's Songwriting Contest (I Need A Day Like That) with your "stellar" work on the demos!! You bring out the best in my songs!!  ust wanted to let you know we got another cut on the latest song you demoed!"

Ronnie Kimball (Songwriter/demo singer - Co-writer of "Why Lie" by Lee Greenwood)

~~Jason Roller,owner of Magic Shack Studio, is an A-list engineer/producer. I always feel comfortable and confident in Jason's skills to be able to get the best vocal from me for a song. He gets the best vocal sounds and even treats his demos to first class harmonies because he sings them himself! I've always found Jason to be dependable, ethical and incredibly talented. You will get the best "studio bang for your buck" at Magic Shack Studio with Jason Roller at the helm!

MagicShack Productions

Sandy Ramos (hit songwriter of Dixie Chicks "Let 'Er Rip" with cuts by Faith Hill, Kenny Rogers, Neal McCoy and Lee Greenwood) 

~~Jason Roller is a phenomenal musician. He plays anything with strings and only uses A List musicians for anything he can’t play. I have been recording demos in this town for 25 years now and I have been using his studio almost exclusively since I met him 6 years ago. I have never known anyone that has as much passion for working in the studio as he does. He is unbelievably creative and comes up with unique & memorable musical hooks. I can not tell you how important that is in today’s country and pop market. THESE DEMOS STAND OUT! Jason has always gone the extra mile for me as he does with all his clients…(.I continue to be amazed at the ‘master’ quality sound that comes out of this ‘shack’…..It truly is MAGICAL!!!) I whole heartedly recommend “Magic Shack Demos” to everyone I know……

Rebecca Dale Peaden (Published BMI Songwriter)

~~"Since I've used MagicShack as my demo service, I've signed four single-song agreements with Nashville Publishers! They are extremely professional as well as affordable, and responsive to my needs..."

Donna Aylor (Pink Hair Publishing)

~~Songwriters living away from Nashville like me who want a top quality recording have to trust their demo studio producer with every aspect of the recording process. Jason Roller with Magic Shack Productions IS the cream of the crop. Fantastic player and producer with great rates! His demos sound radio ready.

Barbara Wilkinson (Songwriter with cuts by Larry Sparks, Lou Reid and Carolina, and Jetts Creek)

~~Jason is the most amazing multi-instrumentalist/producer EVER…Since I started using Jason to produce and bring to life my songs, I have had cuts by Lou Reid and Carolina, Jett’s Creek, Marie Hodson,the legendary Larry Sparks and have signed single song contracts with Music Row Publishers. This is the REAL DEAL.